1 - The Beginning

The stimulating and mood boosting effects are subtle but noticeable.

Dose: 1gm

2 - Mild

You can definitely feel the moodboosting and stimulating effects.

Dose: 1-2gm

3 - Moderate

In this level there is a balance between stimulation, euphoria, sedation, and pain killing effects.

Dose: 2-4gm

4 - Strong

The effects are sedative, euphoric, and very analgesic.

Dose: 3-6gm

5 - Very Strong

Most people can't handle this stage. The sedative effects are substantial and the euphoria can cause hallucinations.

Dose: 5-8gm

***The above dose guide is purely for reference and comprised of user feedback & experience and is only to be used as a rule of thumb. Everyone's experience with Kratom can vary depending many factors including health & diet.